Hello… And Thank You!

July 23, 2017

Hello… And Thank You!

hornï is finally live!

From the delightfully appropriate setting of London Zoo, in Regent’s Park, we had a wonderful opportunity at our launch party to get together a diverse group of people to discuss what hornï is all about and it’s mission to help the rhino. In fact, we were particularly happy to have the active engagement of UK-based charity, Save the Rhino International (www.savetherhino.org) to support our birth.

At hornï, we have striven to create truly excellent underwear – hopefully the best you will ever get in terms of comfort and feel – and one that has global rhino conservation as part of its DNA. Literally!
Since hornï is an anagram of rhino, it’s a mission that was our destiny!

On behalf of the hornï team – a remarkable group of people I am so grateful for – I want to thank you for your support … those who came to the launch (we will have pictures and videos here on our website) and all of you across the world who join us through www.horniunderwear.com – the home of hornï products.
Our resources limited us to launching only three silhouettes for men (boxer brief, hipster trunk, and classic brief) in four designs (solid white, solid black, patterned white and patterned black) … but we did sneak in the limited-edition ladies boxer shorts to provide some relief for those guys who constantly find their underwear drawer raided by the lady (ladies?!) in their life.
I also wanted to try out an initial run of T-shirts – only in white or black for now – and was REALLY pleased at how comfortable and durable those turned out to be in an arty slub cotton. I’m definitely making more of those!

The history of how hornï came about from a small doodle in late 2008 is explained on the website under the tab “ABOUT hornï”. It’s an interesting story that only continues to grow in relevance as we try to make a real difference to our planet. We produce the underwear and the packaging using the world’s leading manufacturing companies – all recognised to the highest level with international certifications for ethical practices and eco-friendly processes. We see them as partners … and we also want you to join us with your contributions through questions, comments, suggestions… bright ideas – even underwear designs if you like. We are transparent, accessible, and here for you.

We are a truly international family, and whether you are here specifically to help the rhino… because you love the high quality and comfort of our underwear… or simply because you love the cheeky name (“Raising eyebrows… raising awareness”) … we are really happy to have you with us on this journey.

The rhino will always be our mission – but I like to think that we will also have “flash” campaigns to support other crucial causes such as testicular cancer (“do you have the balls to talk about it?!”), ovarian cancer, colon cancer, and breast cancer… all of which happen under the cover of underwear.

I have to point out that we are a small start-up – not competing with the big companies who can churn out underwear in millions of pieces at a time – but perhaps that is what makes us different and more focused on you.

I’m a journalist (even that is by accident because I switched unexpectedly from a path in medical studies!). Before hornï, I didn’t know anything about underwear – except that I like to wear particularly comfortable underwear that does not lose it’s comfort, support, or shape after just a few washes. In all honesty, I didn’t find many brands that truly offer those features – even the expensive highly-recognised brand names.

After some horrible experiences and lots of pain (financial and emotional) I finally decided I had to be hands-on and learn about garment manufacturing, packaging and the associated factors in creating a global brand.

I understand the TV news business… and I understand branding – after all, I was involved in the launch of BBC World News, CNN International, and Al Jazeera English… – and even launched my own live, interactive daily show, called “Q&A” on CNN-I in 1996… but the first time I travelled across to South Asia and walked into an underwear factory in early 2016… I was a complete newbie!
Now, I know a lot more… and I also know that I still have a lot more to learn! The journey has just begun.

I know that the launch event was a fairly exclusive, invitation-only affair – but don’t worry, I’m pretty sure there will be regular hornï parties arranged globally as the movement grows. We still have a lot more work to do… and we’re happy to have you with us.

Once again… a BIG thank you for your support!

It’s time to get hornï!

Riz Khan
Founder and CEO

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