hornï beginnings!

Riz Khan, Founder & CEO, hornï Underwear / International Journalist
– ex-BBC, CNN & Al Jazeera English
The story of hornï dates back to late 2008 with me doodling a horn shape and playfully thinking, “Wouldn’t it be fun to create an underwear brand called horni?!”

I scribbled down the name – intentionally writing it with a lower-case “h” and an “I” at the end, rather than making it Horny – to avoid it seeming crass or possibly offensive.

Serendipitously, horni happens to be an anagram of rhino!

(I later added two dots on the “ï” – giving it a more European feel).

I also thought that if I ever had a brand called hornï, it should have a mission - and the first idea that came to me was to donate a notable part of the profits to help save the most endangered animal with a horn… no, not the unicorn!

The rhino! (A chubby unicorn!)

The horrors of rhino poaching is something I was aware of over the years as a journalist working in international news – but I didn’t realize how much worse things had become. The truth is quite horrific and heartbreaking.

I decided that I had to commit to creating the hornï brand and make a difference to rhino conservation.

Over the years spent developing hornï – it’s a big learning curve from TV reporting and hosting to creating undies – I realized that what I was building was really more of a movement than simply a brand.

All of us at hornï want you to feel part of something special. How you spend your money says a lot about you – and if you’re buying high-quality products that have a positive impact on the world around you, you are making a difference.

Thank you!