horni mission

hornï is an anagram of rhino, and as a brand with a purpose we pledge to donate up to 100% of profits to global rhino conservation efforts.

Rhinos aren’t usually considered cuddly but they are amazing and beautiful creatures… and, they are seriously endangered!
The total myths about rhino horn have fuelled a very lucrative trade for criminals across the globe who try to supply horn products to a large customer base in places like East Asia – particularly China and Vietnam.


- Rhino horn is primarily made of the protein keratin – the same inert compound in hair and nails and animal hooves.
- Rhino horn is not an aphrodisiac, cure for erectile dysfunction, or cure for cancer. It is simply not medicinal in any way.
- The 21st Century could see the extinction of rhinos. Their continued survival and the wild depends on the end of brutal poaching practices that have already led to the extinction of certain species of rhino.
- Rhinos are protected globally under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, as well as other regional and national laws across the world.
- Time is running out for animals such as the rhino who are up against increasingly aggressive and more heavily-armed poachers who hunt and kill young, old, and even pregnant animals just to cut off their horns. 
- You can learn more facts and figures by visiting the organisations we officially support.

We are proud to have partnered up with Save the Rhino International and Wild Tomorrow Fund as their programs around the world have made a huge impact to rhino conservation. You can find out more about the charities by clicking on the logos below.

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